Yes You Can – a Peek into Some Netflix 2016 Cartoons

The year 2016 was one of the most productive in terms of cartoons for all ages. Most of these were easily accessible through the Netflix streaming service. The cartoons were, and still are, very entertaining but the themes stand out clear. They were out to tell those watching that all our dreams are valid- however utopian or unrealistic they may seem. All it takes is someone deciding and putting the decision into motion. With time, the rest becomes history. The movies follow various categories of characters are together with the challenges they have to undergo in the course of following their dreams and becoming what they believe is their destined person.

Women have the power to become anything in life, but they have to put in a lot of effort and sacrifices. Judy in Zootopia is such a person. She is a bunny who wants to be the first girl bunny to join the police force. History does not change that easily; she faces a lot of resistance from her kith and kin who believe she should shelve the ‘stupid’ ambition and farm carrots. This is what she almost settles for when she is discouraged but rises again to be the best police officer from that part of the country. She solves a mystery of a lost Otto and in the course of seeking answers unearths a ring of powerful individuals out to benefit from mayhem created by the disappearance. Ms Maybell the lady assistant mayor is responsible for most of these disappearances and it does not augur well for the female characters who appear to be fighting against each other. Judy uses all sorts of technology and help from unexpected quotas to show that all people have a part to play in the fulfillment of both the individual and corporate dreams of a people.  In the course of her move towards fulfilling her dream, she demystifies the prejudice of many people that Foxes are basically cunning and evil. Nick, a fox, helps him solve the cases and redeeming himself to a dependable and honest character in the story. All people can be anything but we must work in unity. Prejudice and misconceptions are the main sources of disagreement and conflict that end up killing many dreams but persistence works.

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are stories taking place deep in the sea. They are both stories based on people living with challenges as captured by the challenges that the animal characters have. Even those, the physically challenged have a valid dream. Nemo is a physically challenged son who gets lost. The father works in all ways to try to find the son, fearing that if he does not do a thing, something terrible would happen to the son. He goes to great length and finally gets the son. The dream of the son to be back with the family and the father having the son at home is fulfilled but at a price and some effort.

Dory on the other hand has a mental condition making it impossible for her to focus and remember things. She gets lost and tries to get her way back home. She gets a lot of help from a friendly Octopus who knows a thing or two about the aquarium where many of the sea creatures are kept and how to get out. They work together and slowly, Nemo remembers things even as she sees them the objects, items and other characters jog her memory until at last, she gets back to her beloved family who get such a big relief just seeing her.

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