Top Navigational Apps for iOS and Android

With the increased use of technology, many drivers rely on their phone as a GPS. However, what are the best GPS navigational apps to use? That can be a hard decision. Here are the top navigational apps for iOS and Android to make your decision that much easier.


Waze if a great app for saving you driving time. Once you enter your destination, it provides you with multiple routes to choose one and recommends the quickest route. This app is great in helping you alternative routes when traffic is bad. A unique feature of this app is that you can connect with other users who can report accidents and police in their area. Who wouldn’t love to avoid police traps! Just like most navigational apps, you can set your home and work address along with your favorite locations. Also, Waze keeps the app interesting by adding different voices such as Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC and “Boy Band”. In the past, they even had Star Wars voices and Colonel Sanders!


This GPS app is great for all drivers. It specifically has navigational options for drivers of cars, RVs, and trucks. So now, truck drivers don’t have to worry about going on no truck roads. However, the CoPilot Truck and CoPilot RV apps both cost money unlike the regular CoPilot GPS app. This app includes ActiveTraffic meaning it will provide users with correct ETAs, will re-route around delays, and notify you of accidents along your route. The app also provides lane assist and lets you know the speed limit. However, it does not notify you of where safety cameras are located. What’s unique about this app is that it is available in Canada, South America, Europe, Australasia, Southern Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, and India.

Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the best all-around navigational app for both Android and iOS devices. Being a user of both Google Maps and Waze, I do however prefer Waze since it does provide a quicker route. One this I did find very useful about Google Maps is that it provide you will directions not just for those traveling via car, but also by train, bus, and bicycling. Many users like me could definitely find this usual if their daily work commute involves taking a train or subway. What’s also unique if that you can download offline maps of areas you want. Lastly, the app makes the search bar easy to see and you can save addresses under “Your Places.”


TomTom, known for its reliable GPS technologies, now has a iOS and Android app. TomTom GO Mobile App, just like most apps say, provides you with the best possible route based on real-time traffic information. Like Google Maps, you can download offline maps to your phone. However, TomTom is available in an impressive 150 countries! So, if you are a world traveler, this app is perfect for you! Unlike most navigation app, it provides you with speed camera locations and 3D maps. The only catch with this app is that you only get 50 free miles per month. After that, you can either pay a subscription or can’t use the app until the next month. This is a little weird but I guess this is how TomTom makes money off of the app.

Based on what phone you have, your GPS preferences and budget, hopefully your perfect GPS is above! Other app options include Maps Me and Mapquest. So next time your are on the road, have safe driving with a GPS app!